The great diversity of colors obtained by NanoDeCo technology is based on the physical principle of interference colors. Control of the substrate’s brightness enables us to adjust the desired color shade, with remarkable uniformity.

3DeCo is applicable for shades of black, grey, brown, blue, and also precious metals shades (gold and platinum).

HarDeCo coatings are especially suitable for watch exterior parts, leather goods, writing implements, spectacle frames, as well as jewelry and any other accessories in the field of luxury. A variety of colors can be obtained: black, anthracite, brown and slate blue.

DialDeCo offers a wide range of colors specifically tailored for application on dials.

OptiDeCo is used to diversify coatings uniformly or selectively, adjust the opacity of the deposited color, and customize a design with ever greater creativity.

The particularity of HybriDeCo decorative coatings is to combine several colors, in order to enhance the aesthetics and customize certain components.